What to Wear

From flip-flops to wingtips, we have it all. Be relaxed or dress it up—we'll be happy to see you. Some people are dressed in business casual, others in jeans and tees.


You can find parking areas under the tower off East Fulton Street

Extravagant Hospitality

We are an Open and Affirming church - we welcome and affirm LGBTQ+ families and allies. Extravagant Hospitality means we invite and honor all people to our church family. People of all colors, races, identities, genders, family styles, ages, economic status, and spirituality. When we say, 'All are welcome here!' We mean EVERYONE!

What We Believe

Freedom to Believe
We value the historic creeds of the church, but do not demand specific expressions of acceptance of these creeds. We acknowledge our responsibility for rethinking, claiming, and bearing witness to our beliefs as God’s word continues to unfold among us.

Authority of Scriptures
The Bible is our inspiration for faith and practice. It is our primary source for understanding the good news we know through Christ. We seek more inspiration and truth from the scriptures, which are a living witness to faith. We take the Bible seriously, approach the text eagerly, and seek to discern together the meaning of God’s message for our lives today.

Growth in Faith
With the freedom we claim in Christ comes the responsibility to continue to grow in faithfulness. We offer many opportunities for growth including worship Bible studies, Wednesday evening educational sessions, experiences of historic spiritual practices, small group fellowship, and opportunities to put faith into action utilizing creative talents to serve our neighbors. We join together as we journey toward the Beloved Community.

For the Modern Era
the story which grounds our faith is 2000 years old, but our thinking is not. On one hand, we use traditional liturgical symbols of our faith -- clerical robes, stoles, and seasonal cloths & hangings at the pulpit and communion table in our traditional services. On the other, services use innovative and exciting media and music to give new meaning to the world around us. in the United Church of Christ, we are known as thinking people of faith, committed to strengthen our faith to transform the world. God is still speaking in new and faith filled ways.

Worship Styles

Making the joyful noise

Coffee Hour and Friendship Gatherings

Talk with old friends and new over cookies and coffee. Join us each week after each service!


31 East Fulton Street, Gloversville, NY 12078